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HS Audition for Symphonic and Jazz Bands

Auditions for HS Symphonic Band and HS Jazz Band will be after school on March 13 and 14. Please sign up for a time on the Fine Arts Office board next to the AMR.


Symphonic Band:

As many of the 12 major scales you can play in 2 minutes. These are on page 44 of the blue book.

A slow and a fast section of any music you choose. (AMIS audition music, a solo or band music will be fine)

A short sight reading – you will have 60 seconds to practice the piece silently before you play.


Jazz Band:

The 12 blues scales in 2 minutes

Improvise a solo on a Bb blues. (trumpet, tenor sax – use your C blues scale, alto and bari sax – use your G blues scale)



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